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Thank you for your response! It took me a really long time to come to terms with and accept the fact that I really do possibly have ADHD. Only because I never wanted to have to “depend” on medication to feel “normal.” When I was 24 I worked as a receptionist at a family doctors office and I actually did make an appointment with one of the providers there to tell them about these same issues. I was already nervous about the appointment because I was still taking some classes at the community college (I dropped out when I no longer had access to the medication sadly but I re-enrolled a few years later to try again) and being 24 years old, in college… sadly that’s an age group and situation that the drug gets abused a lot. I felt like requesting to be medicated would just make them think “here we go another person trying to fake ADHD just to get adderall.” That and the fact that I worked for them probably didn’t help. They knew I was young and well… not the most mature for that age.

Anyway the appointment ended up being exactly what I expected. She told me “you just seem depressed. Here’s some Wellbutrin, it’s an anti-depressant. Take this and you should be fine. You don’t need to be prescribed anything for ADHD because you are just depressed.” The Wellbutrin was awful and made me feel like a vegetable. If anything it made me more depressed. So I stopped taking it.

The closest city to me is Phoenix, Az. I know there are a few clinics here that have physicians that specialize in ADHD but their office hours don’t mix well with my work hours and well… because of all of my attendance issues earlier in the year I really have no paid time off left.