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number five

I have three little black books. One with email and web info and passwords for everything, another with personal family and friends addresses and email and web info also has what I call my yellow pages which is all my companies that I deal with such as credit card companies with account numbers to my plumbers number. The third is my appointment book. Only and I mean only real appointments go into the calendar. Doctors appointments, classes and appointments with lawyers or other professionals. I look at my little black appointment book every morning and plan on an index card the time to dress and get out the door-drop dead time to leave and not be late! I have found the only way to keep bills from going astray is with auto payments etc. these three little books are with me almost all the time especially when on the phone or dealing with some detailed problem. Thie only thing I have to do is not procrastinate about updating the books. When updated these are really all I need to get through the day. I do make up lists on index cards for groceries or other things to keep track of and I journal everyday. I find the phone and other electronics to be too difficult to use.