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Hi guys

I need some advice from people who have ADHD and how it affects your life/marriage. I had always thought that something was not right with myself, after many years i decided to goto the doctors, where I was diagnosed, at the age of 40.
As a child I was always angry, short tempered, could not concentrate for long periods and easily distracted. As an adult these things continued, plus I would find if I started a task I would become so involved that I could not think of anything but this task, like an obsession, my memory is now so bad I question half the things I say. These traits all in turn lead to EXTREME FRUSTRATION at myself, leading to angry outbursts.

All of which are placing a massive strain on my marriage. I have two young boys and cannot afford for my marriage too fail. Myself and my wife both agree I need to to find help coping with this disorder.

Can anyone give me some advice on the above, recommend any podcasts, anyone in the same situation and are managing to cope, any talks around the Vancouver/BC area, anything at all????