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So I was on focslin XR , but did not last near long enough. Tried concerta after s minth without meds while waiting to switch to a specislisf . So all focalin out of system . The concerta was awful, didn’t show any benefit and only side effects. Vyvanse was same way when I tried years ago. Vyvanse lasted 2 hours (bc of the way its absorbed it lasts very long for most , nothing for me).

The new doc decided adderral was best fit, and she was right! First time in my life I had no side effects!! Not even the “good side
effects” like wakefulness and euphoria, which is good bc less addictive potential emotionally!! For me at least…note that I consider anything (good or bad) other than the therapeutic effects to be a side effect. It was the first in my life I wasn’t constantly reminded I was “mentally impaired”. I take it (I take the XR twice a day, bc evening doses actually help sleep bc slows my hyperactivity), then I just go about my day. Freeing. I use tons of cooing, avid long distance runner and doing my tempo runs of 5-6 miles at 6. Min/mile are like the medication just don’t last as long!! Turns out those types of runs (intense and long-ish) mimic the adderral almost.

Point is, your correct. If one doesn’t work, yet another!! There is a reason they have so many chemical structures AND absorption types!! Some people don’t absorb certain release-types!!

I’ll say a prayer for ya !