Reply To: CBD


I did talk to a CBD oil specialist at a holistic pharmacy last week about getting myself and my 3rd grade son on the oil, and I did buy some. (We both have inattentive ADHD) I’ve since found out that if he were to need it throughout the day, (he has to take a second extended-release stimulant pill after lunch because he metabolizes it fast) the school won’t give it to him because doctors aren’t prescribing it or it’s not proven. I didn’t start this past week-end, but I may this coming week-end. The specialist gave me a protocol to go through to find out what is needed, and it would just be given in the morning while keeping him on his regular medication. I’m torn about it.
I need to wait and work with my doctor because I’m on an antidepressant, and it can interfere and if it’s working, I’ll have to slowly go off the antidepressant.
One thing the specialist said is that it is very individual how it helps or if it doesn’t. Sorry I don’t have any direct experience with it yet but I also would like to hear from others.