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My 12 year-old son has ADHD and ODD symptoms also. He is insulting and hyper at times, and is sensitive to other’s needs at other times. He has a rough relationship with his 8 year old brother because of his mouth, but is gentle and caring towards his baby brother.

He went through a rough time when we moved a year ago, away from his familiar school, friends, and football team. He got a concussion, went through puberty, and would stay in bed and be very hostile. We tried therapy, the provider wasn’t a good fit, and we plan on having him go to therapy again soon. I feel that therapy is very important to helping him grow out of ODD.
If your son wants to continue with hockey, please keep him in it. Exercise is obviously important for proper brain function. My son always was generally more happy and excited about life when he has been in football or basketball.

What has worked is he takes (over the counter dietary supplement with B vitamins) MRM Kids Attention Softgels, Supports Proper Brain Function, Promotes Focus & Concentration. I don’t give him all 3 daily recommended softgels since he takes a multivitamin (please check with medical provider & pharmacist before taking and dosage recommendation). I purchase this at my local Sprouts store and it is also listed on

His Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist prescribed Vayarin supplement comprised of omega-3 fatty acids (Prescription medical food for the dietary management of ADHD in children, also they make one for adults) which can be ordered on
He was also prescribed a low dosage antidepressant Duloxetine by the Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist after my son’s genetic testing results came back. His provider used the Genecept Assay genetic test by Genomind ( I highly recommend taking this test before choosing a prescription option. His results on the Genecept Assay Report clearly show what drugs listed under each drug category type are recommended or not recommended that may increase risk for adverse events or poor response. I knew that his body needed a different antidepressant than what I was prescribed years ago when I was on one since I didn’t have the same symptoms. I was depressed but didn’t have the hyperactivity or insult others like him (what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.) His test results show that the medication I took previously and worked for me would be not recommended for him.
Also, we are a family involved in the Christian faith and church. I regularly pray with my son and he prays on his own also. God is interested in every aspect of our lives. I know that when I choose to not worry about my son this frees God to bless him. When we worry, this ties God’s hands. When we praise him and know that He’s “Got This,” as in everything’s in His control, we can live a life of God’s rest and grace. Joseph Prince ( preaches this concept and explains it well using God’s spiritual principles found in the Bible. I really appreciate his laid back and no-nonsense approach to sharing God’s message of hope and restoration through salvation.

I have been harsh with my words towards my husband in mentioning divorce in the past. My husband can be frustrating when he won’t stop bothering me when I ask him to especially when I’m feeling tired or sick. Mostly, these words come out of my mouth in frustration when my needs aren’t being met. I strongly recommend praying for God to bless you in every area of your life including your relationships. It is recommended by Charles Stanley to pray and ask for God’s wisdom in every decision we make. I am working at implementing this as well as not worrying.

You are a strong, courageous Mom! How blessed are your children to have a mom who cares for them and shows it in raising them and advocating for them! Never give up! I know that our children are smart and will be successful as adults because they are resourceful in solving problems and have more intelligence/drive than the average person. I remind myself of this constantly. I am not worried about my son saying the wrong thing (it happens), I am concerned more about giving him advice through daily interactions and showing him how to navigate life, avoid people with wrong attitudes and addictions, look for good, healthy friendships, and a wife who is healthy in attitude, behavior, and comes from a loving/supportive family.

Be encouraged!