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This app is really helping me so far with routines.

I have daily and weekly cleaning “habits” I’m building that are now part of a morning or evening routine. Something about the design and set up of this app works for my ADHD brain. And even though parts of my house are still a mess, the fact that I have emptied the bins on bin night two weeks in a row and vacuumed two weeks in a row and am usually changing the kitty litter daily now (poor cat!) because it’s part of the evening routine I have put in this app has really helped me feel better about my home and less overwhelmed by housekeeping stuff.

It hasn’t solved clutter for me yet. But I’m finding myself more inclined to deal with it. And some things are less cluttered. Like one of my evening habits before bed is “kitchen bench clear, sink empty?”.

Part of my problem is owning/keeping too much stuff though. A friend is going to help me with a clear out soon. Otherwise a weekly habit I thought I might work on is “throw out 2 things and find a proper place for 2 things”. Hopefully it will be pretty sparse eventually, then I might have a nightly habit like “scan for new clutter and things out of their place – spend 5 to 15 minutes tidying them” or something like that (the suggested habit “tidy the house” is too general and overwhelming for the ADD brain!)

We shall see!