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Classic, ADHD problem. I have struggled with this, For-forever!

Here’s what been working for me (these last few weeks). I have set my alarm to wake me up 10 minutes before I’m supposed to be up. This is ‘Day Planning Time'(somehow setting the alarm earlier reminds me that I need to plan my day).
Weeks ago I started a Note on my iPhone (this is a running Note -same Note).
On the very top, I write the day of the week in bold for the Title, after deleting the previous day (if I write the title TODAY- Forget it, can’t keep track). I stroll down and delete everything I have completed the day before and tab my memory for anything that needs to be done today (I get some satisfaction from knowing I have accomplished stuff) – I go over to my desk, where I have a calendar opened to the week and write down any appointments for this day in my Note.

When I set a new appointment – I write “remember to write down the apt for ‘such and such’ a day on the desk calendar” on the iPhone Note. Anytime throughout the day when things come to memory of things I need to do, I write them down in the running iPhone Notes. Next day Repeat!

The best thing is that the Notes syncs to my desktop and laptop. As I am working, and I remember something, I open my notes and write it down – as I write things down I naturally glance at everything else and it keeps my memory fresh on what needs doing.

I hope this helps.