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Hey again, sorry I literally forgot about this, like everything else I start! Thank you all for the great tips, I have so many new things to try. I have been trying to purge and when we moved I think I threw out more than we kept but I am a notorious hoarder of pens, stationary, small things, makeup, hair stuff, YOU NAME IT.

In response to you, SheilaM, yes I have been on medication since diagnosis. My mother actually was diagnosed before me and it literally changed her life going on medication. Her and I are literally so similar she just knew that I had to have it as well, and a couple doctors later confirmed it. I’ve been on many different medications, starting with Adderall XR, then Adderall, Vyvanse, back to Adderall, and recently I tried Focalin but switched back to Adderall. For my inattentive type it was like night and day. The brain fog is gone the moment it starts working and I can actually do things like pick up the house a little, do some school work, etc. Most notably, before my ADD was out of control I would read 4-5 books A WEEK and after things started to get unmanageable I hadn’t read a book for fun in 6 or 7 years, so that was my biggest wow moment, actually being able to sit down and just read a dang book.
Adderall XR gave me some weird symptoms I can’t remember but i believe it was related to it not being a very stable release. Vyvnase is my gold standard and my doctor had me titrate mine, opening the capsule in a bottle of water, drinking half in the morning, half in the afternoon- because its an extended release it would mean I could edge into the dose with half dosage for 4 hours, then it would be at max dosage in the afternoon and slowly fade back to half dose then out of my system. It was smooth and meant my day lasted the full 12 hours I needed to of being productive. But it’s very expensive without insurance, so back to generic Adderall. Focalin was…weird. It made me jittery but didn’t give me the focus I need (the irony with a name like focalin) but I tolerated it for a month then switched back. Adderall for me is a fine line, right now I am at 15 mg twice a day and am experiencing some tolerance issues, but when we tried to go to 20mg I am so jittery I can’t even function.
I think its worth a shot for anyone who is diagnosed, just try it and see how you feel. Eventually I would like to come off of amphetamine-based medications and try something like strattera which is non-stimulant but I’m too afraid to mess with my treatment while I’m in school.
Speaking of school, you asked about work, etc. I am a full-time student right now with a part time job that gives me the flexibility to work kind of when I want to. I have worked full time while taking the medication and it was the only thing most days that kept me from quitting. That sounds insane, but not being treated and having to work a full 8 hour day in a job I hate was literally torture.. I’d be angry at everything that was out of my control, and so bored my brain literally would try to shut down on me making me yawn so much my boss thought I was rude or lazy, and I’d be literally fighting to stay awake. My brain has serious problems with understimulation, and if its not highly entertained or interested in what is going on, I will literally fall asleep or get anxious, or have to go watch mindless TV for hours. I cried when I first tried the medication because the fog lifting was life-changing. I went home and did laundry without my parents nagging me 4000 times, my dad didn’t have to rip into my room looking for silverware… My boyfriend is also medicated at the same dosage as I am and from what I’ve noticed, he can barely function without it like me. My adderall regular tabs now, last for about 4 hours. A little after 3.5 hours I take the second dose. It is the only way I can do chores, and I wish I was exaggerating. Life before for me looked a lot like someone with depression. As a matter of fact I was previously diagnosed with anxiety and depression but I was treatment resistant and antidepressants of any type made me suicidal. After starting my ADD treatment, both went away completely…because it wasn’t anxiety or depression it was understimulation driving me crazy and wearing me down.
I will say though there is a come down, or rebound effect. I periodically don’t take it for a day or two because taking it everyday can cause me to wake up sore, exhausted and in a bigger fog than before. But like I said, somedays I dont take it, and take it mostly when needed for school studying, work, etc, which is what my doctor recommended so I don’t build a tolerance, as he won’t perscribe more than 20mg twice a day. I will always recommend trying vyvanse first though, it is the smoothest possible transition with no jittery business or weird come down, and being able to put it into water is really awesome for tailoring your dose to how you need it. My problem with keeping up with things come from how busy I am. I use my medication for school or work and because I don’t want to take extra doses in a day, it doesn’t leave much time for taking care of the house.