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Hi there,

I have many of the same issues as people have brought up here.

The system I have now isn’t perfect, but it helps.

My work hours are not quite regular, so my employer runs a Google calendar. This means those dates go to it automatically and I can access that on my phone, so I know if I need the quick answer to am I working on that day, I can look there.

Then I have two little mind gadgets that together have meant I am better than ever before at not forgetting or missing important stuff (though not perfect!).

1) I realised keeping losing my wallet and my diary was messing up my life. So I turned them into one object. It’s a moleskine notebook that fits in my pocket. I bought a wraparound from moleskine for it which turns the front flap of the notebook into a wallet. Now the object is so important to me that in two years, I have almost never not known where it is. When I’m on the move and some time gets booked, I pencil it in there. Or even if it’s just a suggestion.

2) at the beginning of each academic year I make a new wall planner. It’s a tradition in my family house (they’re an artsy bunch) so it makes me feel connected to my past to set aside a good few hours to designing and making one. I find it fun to think of all the different ways I can lay out the time in a year, and some of my own designs work so much better for me than calendars I buy because I know how my own brain works. For instance, I have one design in which the calendar is organised spatially around fortnights rather than months, because I tend to have a better sense of what’s going on in the next fortnight rather than in the whole month (and it makes the calendar so neat, because fortnights are always the same length!). It may sound time consuming and it usually is, but I find that in itself is extremely useful, because once I have put so much effort into physically making the thing and working out how to attach it to the wall, I remain (mostly) motivated to use it throughout the year. I stick it in my hallway, the most visible spot in the house. This is the master plan and I put on all my work dates there too. I try to remember to transfer anything from my wallet-diary as and when, and usually don’t have too much of a problem because that info is at least all in one place. If I don’t have space for all the detail about an event, I’ll flesh that out in my wallet-diary, or more often just write the details in the blank space I left around the calendar (a useful feature). I really can’t miss this huge, colourful, unique and tbh slightly messy but in an endearing way object I’ve turned into one of my house’s most eye-catching features. I enjoy ticking each day off. It has totally revolutionised my life, and I know because I’ve done it two years running now, and it still works.

A further point that this helps with is it gives me the excuse not to just say yes to everything anyone suggests I do without having a cool off period to properly consider it, because I have to say “oh, that sounds great, I’ll just have to let you know once I’ve gone home and checked my wallplanner. What did you say the date was, again?” – at which I scribble it in my wallet diary and say “OK I’ve pencilled it in but I’ll get back to you to confirm later.” That behavioural change too has been an incredible help.

Hope some of that helps.

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