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Right at this moment in time, I have four planners within arms reach. Two have absolutely nothing in them, one I use for work, but in my bag I have another one for work, I’m using them both and everyday I promise myself to amalgamate them. The worse part is I hardly ever use either of those two and usually end up with a pile of post its that sit on my desk until one day I chuck them and start anew. The other ones I have here are supposed to be personal, but if I go into a book store I see another one that looks or feels better and suddenly it is on the counter with the rest. I guess deep down I dream of a calendar that will fill itself and remind me. I was very successful when I was able to afford a personal secretary, but those days are gone for now (and I miss them dearly). I am still successful at what I do, but my winging it has gotten out of control. When someone asks me who is where and doing what, I find lately that I have a difficult time putting a face to the name, which forced me to start printing out lists to carry in my pocket in case someone else asked. I would take the list out and the next time I reached for it, it would be gone, set down somewhere and forgotten. Or handed it to someone and simply left it with them. Maybe what I will try today is to just throw them all out but for one. I have to try to re-train myself again, if I have time, lol. So at the end of the day, you are not alone. Len