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I’m an adult who has been working (under doctor’s care) with trial doses of some of the above-mentioned stimulant meds. Definitely experiencing nausea. Due to an uptick in my migraines on some of these meds, I’ve been having to go off them, start others, and try, try, again.

But for those (especially young people) for whom these meds work except for the annoying nausea, may I suggest taking crystallized or candied ginger? I also have an anti nausea prescription called Zofran (ondansetron 8mg), but the ginger chews (“The Ginger People” company) that I buy at Trader Joe’s grocery have actually worked better on my ADHD med-instigated nausea than my prescription antinausea drug does.
It’s hard to get through a morning feeling like that. It may not work for everyone, but ginger has long been used for nausea in Asian countries and other regions. It’s worked well for me. Hope that helps.