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To Cookie Monster- I agree with ADHDmomma- all the different variations of ADHD meds are slightly different- different versions of the molecule, etc. It’s true that one “family” (either the methylphenidate or the amphetamine) tends to work better than the other for most people, but once you find your correct family you can experiment with different formulations. Some may cause nausea some may not. For example, my son was on regular ol’ methylphenidate for years until we wanted to try an extended release, so we tried Concerta. Concerta has some fancy release mechanism that allows a slower release and more gradual come-down. And all the amphetamine versions are slightly different variations on the same molecule, but those variations can make a big difference. ANYWAY my point is I would find a different doctor.
I think the side effects are a cost vs. benefit ratio. The nice thing about these drugs is you can try different ones once or twice- no need to wait weeks to see if it works, because you’ll be able to tell.
We do not give our son breaks, and I have read that giving them a break on the weekends or summer is now thought not to be advantageous. Although I hear you with the weight gain- I give my son calorie rich (yet somewhat healthy) foods because of this.
Finally, Kondasa- honestly if my kid’s teacher told me he seemed like a “normal second grader” I would re-evaluate how you got him/her diagnosed. Was it taking the Vanderbilt questionnaire in the Dr. office? Or was it a 4-hour test given by a psychologist? There’s a big difference.
It’s hard to have a wiggly kid. But some kids, ADHD or not, are never going to sit still and watch a sporting event. I am in absolute awe when I see some 4 year old with no toys or anything to do other than sit on the bleachers and watch their brother play soccer. But my friends without kids with ADHD feel the same way!!!

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