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If I had a dollar for every doctor’s appointment I’ve had to call and reschedule at the last minute, I could probably afford an assistant to keep track of my schedule for me!

I like the sassy note idea, and the notes around the house. I think these could work for me and my son. He loves sarcasm! Has anyone found any type of notes/system that work(s) well for staying stuck until you take them down? I use post-its on my desk a lot, but at home, they don’t stick to walls/doors as well.

As for late fees, I’ve finally committed to scheduling automated payments for as many of my bills as I can. That has definitely reduced the late payment fees.

My husband and I use a shared iCalendar through our iPhones, and that way, he’s my back-up. It’s still not fool-proof, especially if he’s relying on me to remember something. 😉 But it has improved the process.