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I am having trouble finding a psychiatrist who takes my insurance and has ADULT ADHD experience. I am struggling with a life coach and a different doctor for rx who doesn’t take insurance at all. I wait for four months to see a doc then they call and tell me they cancelled the appointment due to my insurance, so I made another appointment, waited three more months to see her and she has no adult ADHD experience. Why is it so hard to find a good Psychiatrist in this field?

I finally started taking Adderall 5mg then 10 mg and I was afraid to take it but was so surprised that it calmed me down and I could focus so much better even at a low dose. I could sleep better too! So now I am finally on my journey and ADDitude website has saved my sanity!

A bad thing you will experience is filling the RX. I have never felt so much like a criminal! The looks and hassle is not good. I was given the advise to fill at a home town pharmacy so that you can have the same pharmacist who knows you.

So I am on the road to a more organized and better understood life. I tried to see a new psychiatrist as I still need one and she says ” You definitely have ADHD but I think you also have mild Bi Polar disorder”. She wanted to take me off the Adderall and put me on Lithium for a month. I am not a lab rat. I also do not feel I am Bi Polar. I refused to take antipsychotic drugs.

Back to square one- can anyone tell me how to find an experienced adult ADHD psychiatrist?