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Definitely seconding the paper planner!! I recently switched back to a paper calendar and a dry erase backup on the fridge after a year of chaos using google calendar and phone/tablet reminders. I justified it to myself because I thought I’d be better off with something I wouldn’t forget at home etc. but that was the least of my problems in the end. I also don’t just get distracted by my phone, I get lost in the world of trying to update all my calendar events and reconcile my online world organize emails/calendars and it’s a giant time suck. If I write it in a calendar, it’s either there – or scratched out. Can’t get distracted by perfectionism and possibly some slight co-morbid OCD unless I want to buy a new calendar every week! It’s also kind of zen to put pen to paper, have a little space for some mind-calming doodling or colouring too!