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@Torontomama, we finally got him to the hospital…big struggle….but he saw the Doctor and the hospital was well set up with Social Workers etc. We will go again tomorrow and hopefully he will go willingly without a huge physical struggle.
The Doctor was thorough and we were there for 5 hours, they have prescribed him zoloft for now as she says he has some anxiety/depression issues, I’m totally confused but do have some faith in this hospital and doctor as they gave us so much time. Previously he was on Conerta, Zyprexia, Abilify and Depakine. He’s been unmedicated for well over a year. Another Doctor told me now is critical due to adolescence as this can turn into Defiance or Conduct Disorder, it may already be there, it’s a minefield.

I truly hope you are finding a way through, it’s really early days here and he will NOT go to school, threatens self harm or property destruction and will not be questioned. I am with you on the judgemental people out there who have no experience of the reality of our type of situations!

Sorry if my post is fragmented but so is my head right now! Just so good to have people who understand and are going through the same experiences. We are not alone xxxxx