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One of the worst things about having ADHD is the lack of understanding from others. No one can tell you what you should do. You are hitting dead-ends in achieving your long-term goals. This sounds really simple but start by rating your immediate problems. Do whatever you can to make #1 on that list happen. Usually the first thing will have impact on all the others. You may be disgusted by having to make compromises and taking detours on your long-term goals. If the compromises you make are a means to an end keep reminding yourself of that. Ex. taking a stressful job for a period to help pay for medication, consolidate debt, and get rid of any unnecessary expenses. Remind yourself that you are doing this so that you can increase your ability to pay for school. This is just an example. Prioritize, make a clear goal, create a plan with a time frame, then set off in a directon. The hardest thing is achieving this on your own. Look for people that understand you and support you along the way. I really do wish you the best!