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I have this problem too, to an extent. I have a couple of strategies I use, maybe they’ll help you.

1. Find flavors you know you like, so even if you don’t feel like eating you know you can stomach them. For me, I tend to feel kind of nauseous when my appetite is suppressed, so having simple stuff like bananas, apples, Larabars, or popcorn on hand help a lot. Just stuff you can grab and eat quickly that’s still somewhat nutritious.

2. Frozen meals can be okay, in my experience! As long as you check the ingredients and do some research you can get nutritious pre-made meals, though some are a bit expensive. Healthy Choice is a favorite of mine, especially their Simply Steamers because they use mostly whole foods without many additives.

3. Canned soups are a godsend, though I try to stick to low-sodium options. You can pack a ton of veggies into one meal and basically force it down if you’re having trouble eating. I like Amy’s Kitchen, but their stuff is on the expensive side; Campbell’s Well Yes is also really good, though I’m not sure on price. Frozen soup that you can heat up is also good and doesn’t have the metallic taste some canned soups have.

4. Setting an alarm to remind yourself to eat can help, maybe one every two hours so you can eat something small? That’s something I did a couple years ago when I was having malnutrition/eating issues and it helped a lot. I’d also recommend pre-stocking your bag(s) with non-perishable stuff like peanuts/trail mix so you can have something even if you forget to pack lunch or whatever.

I know this is long (and maybe a little tangential), but I really relate to your issue so I wanted to offer my tips. I hope it helps! I’d also recommend talking to a doctor/nutritionist if you’re really concerned.

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