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Yes, I’m responding to my own post. I wanted to add that I am doing some things to help myself such as having some other interests. I have taken up photography, I go to prayer meetings, shopping, get nails done. I have grandkids I keep and take out to do things with. I recently retired from dental hygiene, but still go to classes to keep my license current. I often need space, especially when I am exasperated with my husband. He is retired, so he’s at home a lot. I did convince him to do odd jobs, since he’s a great carpenter, so now he’s working on boats near our home. He does projects on our house too, which really tries my patience. He is very disorganized and it takes him too long to get finished, but the end result is great. He is afraid that I’m going to leave him, he has a lot of fears and irrational ideas. Sometimes I want him to leave, I feel suffocated at times. He is dependent on me. I really wonder if he could take care of himself without me, since I know about his dependence on that woman he lived with. I love him but I need a break!