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Hi. I just got diagnosed 4 weeks ago and Adderall has been life changing. I’m 37, so not a student anymore. You perfectly described me in your symptoms. I also was a good student, I have a master’s degree and earned good grades! It was at the expense of everything else in life though, and everything took me forever. I also took drastic steps to avoid mistakes like you do, such as triple checking everything.

I was so afraid of not being believed by the doctor, and that they would diagnose me with depression or anxiety, or think I was a drug seeker. When I was 21 I tried to be diagnosed and talked to my doctor, only to feel put off by her and told I’d need to see a psychologist. I was making minimum wage and had poor insurance, so it wasn’t an option at the time. By age 37 my job was more complex and I was failing at it, and my husband was constantly nagging me to get stuff done at home. I reached my breaking point and talked to my doctor. She sent me to a social worker for an evaluation, and he diagnosed me and sent me to a psychiatrist for meds. Adderall has changed my life. I feel better about myself, and more capable, and the anxiety I had melted away.

I hope your doctor listens to you. If not, make sure you try again with someone else. Bring up your dad’s ADD issues, since it runs in families. My brother has it, and my dad should be diagnosed since he has major attention deficits. I think I put off the diagnosis for so long because every time I got close to mentioning symptoms to my doctor or gynecologist they seemed to want me on anxiety or depression medications. I knew that stuff wouldn’t help me, and I didn’t want to take it. I never expected Adderall to melt anxiety away the way that it has, or to make me feel so calm yet productive and motivated. All the depression and anxiety symptoms we’re just caused by low-self esteem and the stress of not getting anything completed.

I think you’ll be ok. Good luck!