Reply To: Is it ADH, or the Consequences/Effects of Abuse?


Hi I’m not a psychologist or therapist although I’m 43 years old and I’ve been in therapy of some sort since I was 4 years old. It’s taken me until I was 41 to actually have the breakdown I needed to absorb all of the coping mechanisms I was taught. I am a survivor of child molestation molested for 7 years, I was raped at 30, and every relationship I had with anyone was some sort of abuse. I also had a brain aneurysms due to domestic violence. I never discussed my issues with the abuse side endured because the few times I tried to get help I was basically shut down by my family and by the system. So when I finally start discussing it and realize that I’m I’ve course I had mental health problems and had been on medication since I was 14 years old. The older I got and any more abuse I endured the more helpless I became. I spoke about my problems with ADHD the one formerly called add. And what I had found out was is a lot of women that have endured long-term abuse have a form of ADHD or ADD. The reason behind that is that your mind is working so fast to not have your mind bring up the trauma that you have endured. So I asked you what came first the abuse or your mental illness. The answer to that is more likely it was the abuse. I now am an advocate as well as an activist to any and everything so I believe that is wrong. I’ve recently started website I also speak out everywhere on social media and I hope that I continue to do so. it’s very rewarding speaking to other survivors and other victims and trying to help them find the right Avenue to get and it healthy environment within their community and in with their in their mind. #breakthesilenceonabuse #STOPmentalhealthstigma,