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Dear ellewolfe,
You say you are; diagnosed and treated for about 6 years now. I assume that you are taking an RX fro this. Do you mind telling if you feel you feel the drug(s) help you or they do not? Do you work full or part time? I tried Adderall one time, and I was so accomplished at organizing and cleaning it blew my mind! If you use medication, did this have the same effect on your ability to keep house? If it did, then did it wear off, after time? I am trying to make sense if it is worth me going to a Psychiatrist to be tested and see if RX therapy will help me, with MY household and life problems I believe are ADD/ADHD problem!
My Psychologist has given me names and numbers of professional people who can come out to your house to help you with this. There are also many state funded organizations in major cities that help with this. I would assume your Psychiatrist could or should be able to help you with this, considering it appears that if you are taking medication for this, it might be not working and perhaps it is time to try a different med?