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Actually I’m not opposed at all to more than a just meds approach. I’ve already poured a lot of energy in to coping without meds for years. I’ve developed pretty decent ways to manage, and I’ve survived. At this point it’s the diatractability and lack of emotional inhibition that I struggle with. Both were fixed like turning on a light switch with the Vyvanse. Helped my own stress levels and helped me be a better spouse since I wasn’t not paying attention all the time and making her feel unimportant. I just couldn’t handle the side effects. I’ve researched and then journaled how exercise and diet affect my add symptoms and have accomplished just about all I can I think without meds. I think that’s why I’ve been as successful as I’ve been but what still affects me isn’t quantitative and isn’t something most people who don’t live with me understand. Finally seeing a psychologist on Oct. 5th. Wish me luck!