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I wanted to mention that I have had a completely different experience with the generic Adderall XR and the uh, standard release version. Extended release is convenient if, like me, you forget to take that second dose. But when I was put on that at the same dose as the standard, I was flooded with anxiety and wanted to jump out of my skin. So, I take my 20mg tablets twice a day (if I remember) and feel just fine. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I have great difficulty thinking creatively while I’m on the medicine. So, when I was in school, I’d take it for my classes – especially large lecture halls – and then let it wear off before I had to write a paper where I was drawing together disparate ideas or getting creative in any way at all. If you find yourself having trouble with your “out-of-the-box thinking” while on the Adderall, you might consider my experience and talk with your doc about it. The most important thing is to maintain good communication with a doc you trust. If your concerns intensify beyond those that drew you to comment in this forum, I’d say give the doc a call. That’s their job – to help you. I didn’t learn this until I got older but doctors are our employees, so to speak. If you don’t trust the advice of one, shop around and find one you feel comfortable with. This goes for all healthcare providers. One last thing with regard to school. If you have trouble taking tests, most colleges will accommodate you by letting you take your exams in a quiet place with more time to finish. I found this very useful for those tests in the lecture halls where I could hear every pop of gum, tinkle of jewelry, shuffle of feet… If this might help you, ask your doc and/or read your handbook to see what your school can do for you! You’re the consumer there too – you hire your school to teach you. 😉 Be Well!