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With all due respect, we the parents, like to hover and protect. We’re worse if our child has a diagnosis that put them at risk for being labeled “different”. Remember, he’s a 9 year old boy first. Think about What goes on with boys his age. Could it be there’s a cute girl in his class he’s discovered a feeling that’s “weird”? Remember, girls had koodies once. Could it be that he’s noticing physical changes? Maybe puberty is early for him. Ask yourself how many times a day you ask him how he feels? What’s your tone like? Have you changed how you respond and react since his diagnosis? You are VERY important to him. Taking care of you during this time, is vital.

I could go on for days but I’ll end with this. He has communicated and has clearly stated how he feels. When I dont’ feel like I”m being heard, I get upset, shut down and raise my voice.

I’m typing to you with a caring tone and without judgment. Parenting is challenge. Parenting a child with special needs is even more challenging.