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Hi Matthew, hang in there! I’m a woman who was diagnosed in my 30s. I’m 50 now and just started Adderall a couple of months ago. I’ve had a similar experience–feeling more optimistic and confident overall, especially the first couple of days on it. I wouldn’t worry about that unless you’re having other side effects that are problematic. Everyone reacts to these kinds of meds differently.
I started an “Adderall experience” journal, just typing a few quick notes each day into a Word doc. I’m not always very self-observant, so I wanted to track whether or not it was helping. I’ve found that it seems to help sometimes more than others. I’m a freelancer, and it does help me to hyperfocus on work, but I can also hyperfocus more intensely on the wrong things, like Netflix or games on my phone. 🙂 When the meds are really kicking in, I have to be careful not to start something too engaging during a coffee break, or I’ll look up two hours later and realize I haven’t been working. But overall, I feel more productive and less scattered.
I had to laugh – I’ve never heard anyone else say that they chatter their teeth to the rhythms of songs. I’ve done the same thing all my life, lol!