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I am at a loss for words right now as I want to express my heartfelt thanks for everyone’s kind words of support and encouragement. I have read them all (at least twice ;)). I now feel not only more hopeful and encouraged but too have some tools to use from your suggestions and ideas. Even if just to be calm and be okay with being one of us non-neurotypicals. I have started also going to another therapist for insomnia and he is positive and tells me a lot of good things. He even makes me feel like I am a good person even though I don’t always feel like it. I do have an amazing job even though I can barely keep up physically ect. at times. I work at a medical daycare with babies and kids. I love being around kids as they don’t see your flaws, faults ect. They don’t care if you are alble to be as good as others, they just want to be loved and taken care if. I wish I could do this job forever, but because of physical issues I am going to have to retire early. I need to work longer, but I will only be able to if I can find a less physical and maybe a part time situation. Either way I will be okay. Thank you all again for reading and responding I really do appreciate all of you! 💙 Best of luck to all of us as we travel this road together!