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I had a similar thing happen to me. Now I went to the doctor specifically to see if I might have ADHD but essentially she agreed with me that I did and said let’s try medicine. And 15 minutes later I walked out with a prescription. It was overwhelming and confusing. I asked similar questions though like “does this mean I have ADHD for real?” My parents had been part of the process of me deciding to go to the doc so they already knew what was going on. But it was hard for me to decide who else to tell and how and when. I also didn’t know if I even wanted to fill the prescription and start on that journey. I had heard bad stories about those kinds of meds too. I’ve also had people say weird things to me like “you probably have like symptoms of ADHD but you don’t actually have it” (which doesn’t really make sense lol).
In the end I decided that while maybe I was “coping” with life enough, just enough wasn’t good enough. I wanted to thrive, not just survive and everything up until that point hasn’t worked. So I took the meds on my own trial period. I figured a week to 10 days of meds wouldn’t really hurt me and then I would know. Most things I’ve read say that meds only work if you actually have ADHD. The first medicine was ok but not super effective so I gave one more medicine a chance….and let me tell you it was incredible. It’s hard to explain the feeling. But my mind was finally quiet instead of spinning with constant thoughts. I could sit still, I noticed more things around me, I could keep my emotions in check better than ever. I was still me…but somehow I was more me than I ever thought would be possible.
I began taking the medicine before I told anyone else (besides my immediate family) what was going on. And then I did it slowly as it made sense. I figured I didn’t know which of my friends were on birth control, anxiety meds, or even things like vitamin regimens so it was ok if they didn’t know I was taking Adderall. When it felt necessary to share I did it cautiously and tried to have done some research so I could actually explain it to them and help them understand. Most people were surprisingly on board! And the cool thing was since I had already been taking the meds they had already seen the change in me for the better. So it was easier for them to understand and accept cause they had the result in front of them.

All this to say, it’s still up to you if you want to take medicine or not. I’ve heard it change more people’s lives than not, but I also know it is 100% a person’s choice to decide what to put in their body. It might be worth a shot just to see! I agree with the person above, do some research on this site and for sure watch How to ADHD on YouTube! I found that the more research I do the more it proves to me that this is true of me now and honestly always has been. I only got diagnosed a year ago but thinking about the kind of kid I was and looking back on my life I know this is how my brain has always been wired. Which is hard and healing at the same time. Whatever you decide to do, try to have patience and know it’s a process. It has taken me a while to accept and even embrace myself in this way but it’s given me amazing freedom and confidence and I’m so glad I took the first steps a year ago to go down this road.