Reply To: Generic Adderall

the dancer

Hello all,

I have been following this thread for a few weeks as I am taking generic adderall and have noticed some irregularities; it is minimal. Mostly in the time it takes for the medication to take effect and in the side effects when it leaves the system. I asked my pharmacist to fill my script with one brand and to not mix the two; he was accommodating. Currently I am under – medicated – I tend to not to take the medication when I am doing remedial tasks over a period of a few days or longer. The flip side of this, if I have to read and write, it takes me longer to put my ideas together, especially if there is emotion involved.

In regards to insurance, I would prefer the name brand. I feel the name brand would offer consistent results in the manufacturing of the medication. Taking a generic bothers me. Each generic med has its own ‘recipe'(are there regulations in place to manage consistency?) which makes it difficult to count on the results, especially if pharmacists fill your script with multiple generic ‘recipes’- thus my request to fill one script with one generic brand.

I am making it work for now but leaning towards low to no usage of meds by creating a lifestyle that suits how I think and behave. Working with my partner on this, is especially groovy, mostly because our hearts are in the right place and only good can come from such an awesome collaboration. Human connection is the key behind any medical solution.

@McRae Thank you for your comprehensive research into the generic med market!