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Hi Shane, Most of the situations you mentioned as co-morbid diagnoses can be related to a genetic situation called MTHFR. You physician can test you for the condition with a lab test. I was tested due to long standing depression and was homozygous recessive–both of my genes were recessive. This genetic problem can also be related to heart disease. You can also find out if you have recessive MTHFR genes by doing the 23andme genetic test and running your raw data through a website app like, but that will take 5-6 weeks to get your 23andme test results back and the lab blood test only takes a few days and may be covered by your insurance. Recessive MTHFR genes reduce the body’s ability to use vitamin B9 (folate). Folic acid, which is added to most processed flour products in the US,interferes with the body’s ability to process vitamin B9 in people with the recessive gene and may make a person’s situation worse if they are MTHFR recessive. See if you feel better having a green juice/shake with raw kale which has a lot of vitamin B9. If you do, you may want get tested. I do not recommend just taking B9 supplements unless you know you have the genetic issue and know about other genes you have.