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I love your ingenuity with the suitcase.

1. Carabiner clip and purses that the straps attached with rings. I haven’t lost my keys in years.
2. Phone cameras are great. Every class syllabus I would get at the beginning of the year I snap a pic. Then I can pull it up and zoom in to see weekly assignments. Works for other documents too.
3. If you break your phone screen (because you got distracted and left on roof of the car, perhaps?) and it can’t be fix immediately then put it in a zip lock bag. You can still use the touchscreen without cutting your fingers to shreds.
4. If you need pick out a new outfit for work each day then make up a “uniform”. All I ware are legging, dresses and sweaters in assorted colors and nothing that needs ironing. Makes mornings easier and it is comfortable AF.
5. Here is a creative one: I work as IT support for restaurants and I take calls from all levels of technically skill. One time a very polite man who seemed like English was his second language. We had trouble communicating over the phone so I started texting him but he did know the piece of equipment I was telling him about. I asked if had Wi-Fi and a video chat app. Long story short we got 4 phones involved, one for each of us to text on and one for video chat, and final found equipment need to fix the issue after I got a tour of the restaurant’s office.