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With time circumstances change and people have to comply with it sometimes but you don’t have to force yourself into a passion you’re not really interested in. Since it’s been 10 years maybe it’s not the only passion you can have, try and explore other options and you might be surprised to find out that there’s something out there you can be passion about and naturally good at. Although if you really want to continue the passion you started when you were a kid, I don’t think that such passion would disappear completely considering that you still thought of it until now, try to start with something simple, there are a lot of ways to learn it once again such as art class or video tutorials online or getting inspiration from your surrounding environment then draw whatever you seem interested in. Get a blank book or sketch pad and try different styles and see if there’s something you’re dominant in. Life’s to short to waste it on something that doesn’t fulfill you and time is too long to just be contended in something safe. If we just try to take a leap of fate and swallow whatever is causing us to be stuck then it’s worth the shot to find growth in something we truly love and are passionate with.