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Stay strong, not everyone can understand what it really feels to have something as difficult as having ADHD, OCD, Depression and other disorders. Not everyone can see the real struggle behind these things, sometimes it’s so tiring to feel the same heaviness over and over again, then having no one to console all your problems to but we’ve got ourselves and we need to learn how to somehow keep going no matter how discouraged, lonely, and sad we get. Though I know that these words are not enough to really comfort and help you, remember that some people around you may be going through something related to yours some just hide it better although that is not something to be happy about but know you are not that alone in all of these struggles. You can do a lot of activities to maybe relax your thoughts a bit, you can go strolling and get some fresh air just let of some of the steam your situation is giving you. I won’t really know how you’re feeling cause we’re two different people and deal with things different but from what I experienced when you struggle hard, it can be okay to feel what you feel for a while but don’t allow it to last, sometimes you just have to enjoy simple pleasures that may overlap situations like this one and if you really want you can try to seriously make your husband and family see the gravity of what you feel and are going through. Don’t give up and dwell, you said so yourself that the medications helped so that’s a good sign, keep doing the therapy until you get there. There are people who also have ADHD, maybe some of them you can even befriend. Just know that I support you and feel free to talk to me if you want, always here to help. =)