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@eleeovt Sounds like you’ve been very busy trying everything to make it work. My son is very gifted (at least that’s what they tell me). Sadly for him, he doesn’t seem to be able to harness it. In his first year of the gifted program, he had a wonderful teacher who developed individual lesson plans for each of his students. His approach was he needs to know that the kids have learned what he’s taught but he understands that every kid has a different learning style and a different teaching style. He would let the kids decide how they wanted to demonstrate what they had learned. Some chose testing, some spoke in front of the class, some developed a video or a presentation. It was wonderful. That was the only year my son felt good about school and the only year he had any sort of confidence at all. After that, it was back to the same old stuff. In the next year, he was also in a gifted class but the teacher kept sending the boys to the principal and asking them “why can’t you just be quiet like the girls?”. This was unfortunate as I expected special education teachers to understand that not all kids are alike.