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Hey! Welcome 😊 based on what you’ve described, I’d say you absolutely have it – you basically described me in your story!
Although I’m not a doctor, I’d say yes stick with the path you are on to get diagnosed in the fastest route possible, so that you are finally able to get on some medication that could possibly help ease those terribly overwhelming day-to-day symptoms. I know first hand they are so detrimental to your career, social & personal
Relationships – but most importantly, your relay with yourself! It’s so frustrating and you can start getting more and more down on yourself. I started withdrawing & that behaviour just embarrassed me even more & I became shameful & just worse by the day.

Now that you know that this IS what you’ve got (if you decide to take my word for it lol) please try not to become frustrated & impatient with having to wait for your appointment to get the ball rolling on your treatment…otherwise you’ll just drive yourself crazy!
All you can do is be sure you’ve checked out every resource possible to know that you’re definitely on the fastest track to get treatment.
Do you know anyone else with add? Maybe ask them where & how they began their journey working with the professionals in getting help 😊

Is there any way you can avoid the test? Why can’t you just see a shrink & tell him what’s wrong and then he prescribe you the medication that he thinks would be good to start off with? (Btw, I say that because the first meds you try may not be the right one for you. Keep in mind there are soooo many different types. And you can trial and error with as many as you need for as long as you need – there is no right or wrong amount of time. As long as you eventually find the one that is right for you in the end, 👉🏻 it was all worth it.

You’ll learn SO much about yourself in this time. I’m excited for you. It’s nice to finally have some answers as to why you are who youu are and why you do some of the things you do.

This website has been an absolute godsend for me..honestly. I don’t know anyone else with our condition & I don’t talk to others about my feelings anyway, but at least I know that HERE, on ADDitude – it’s real & serious medical advice and information. There is always new articles and new ideas and so many guides and outlines on how to help yourself in certain situations.
You’ll get stuck in this website’s rabbit hole for hooours and hours, for days upon end (thanks hyperfocus 😒 ugh. You may never rid yourself of that one unfortunately. I’m 31 & was diagnosed 3years ago & haven’t managed to void my life of the relentless hyperfocus monster 😖)
But yeah – at least it’ll be productive, & even after as much as you think you could have gotten through on this website – THERE IS ALWAYS MORE LOL.
It’s a treasure trove of information which I’ve been SO thankful to have found, as I am from Australia and I’m unaware of anything at all like this organisation. ADD isn’t much recognised in our country… I don’t know why.
It was actually really difficult to find a shrink that “specialised” in adult adhd – as most of them don’t want to deal with the condition at all!

As usual I’ve typed so much that I’m way over time (am getting annoyedly nagged at right now as I type this last bit) so I do apologise, but I won’t be able to proofread what I’ve yyped and often my fingers and brains are running at different speeds depending on the time of day 😂 so sometimes I make mistakes! Not so much spelling mistakes, more grammatical or just incorrect (or mixed up ordered) words. Either way- I hope you’ve understood me well enough and that I’ve provided you with a bit of comfort to encourage you to continue on the path you’re on in regards to getting your diagnosis, as well as some confidence in your decision. You ARE doing the right thing…and hey, even if you don’t end up having add – at least you’ll know and be able to rule one more thing out to help continue your journey into finding out what IS wrong..

Actually you should see a doctor anyway to treat the symptoms you can (e.g anxiety & the likes) until you finally get your adhd test and are able to start taking that class of medication.

Omg I really have to go!! 😲 I forgot!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤬

Take care, I hope it all starts working out & becoming clearer.
I’m happy to talk any time 😊
Talk next time, I hope I helped!
Lots of encouragement and warm wishes
Serena, Australia 🇦🇺