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talking to people about ADHD is tricky, I would recommend a support group in your area, if there is one. I can’t find one here. Telling people at work you have ADHD might be misunderstood as a cop out, it’s like migraines, to people who don’t get them, they are just bad headaches, but migraines are obviously so much more. I have both migraines, and ADHD, plus some other stuff. I can usually tell pretty quick who I can tell about these things and who I can’t. I look for open minded people who aren’t judgmental. If you can, try to surround yourself with supportive, non-judgmental people who are open minded and interested in learning new things. Even though my husband and daughter are very accepting of me, I still have times when I feel lonely and like no one understands me. This might just be apart of having ADHD. I just have days when I’m feeling depressed and isolated. I think this is normal. I’ve had to let go of fitting in, and just create my own existence and dynamic. Anyone who judges me without even getting to know me is the one with the character flaw, not me. Focus on your strengths. Ultra Runner Lucy Bartholomew, uses this technique when races go south, she thinks of 3 things she’s grateful for, and what makes her great. Try it 🙂 Because I’m sure that you are great!