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Hi Steve, I was touched by your story and so I want to respond. In particular to give you some hope….things will get much better for you, I am sure. I am now 62 and a coach, specialized in (re)orientation of careers. Have switched careers 6 times myself, and only 4 years ago I found out that the symptoms of ADHD really correspond to a lot of my behavior and my issues. This was after my daughter had a diagnosis of High Potential (gifted and super sensitive to lots of things), and as it turned out so did her father and myself…. And so I am lucky enough to be HP as well as ADHD. And I would not be surprised if the same was true for you 🙂 One of the ‘symptoms’ is a very low self esteem, and from there imposter syndrome : finding it very difficult to value your own qualities and achievements. However, having succeeded so far in very demanding studies is a clear sign that you are capable of much more than you think. But the main thing is to now find something that motivates you, and when you are motivated, focus usually follows. I think there have been some very interesting ideas put forward by other responders, how do you feel about those? I will also be happy to send you a test from YouScience which will give you a lot of info about strengths, interests, career options etc. If that would be of interest to me you can send me your email at No strings attached, promise 🙂 Just want to see you having the best options to move forward to something other than radiologist. Life’s too short to be unhappy at work, and the days are way too long if you hate what you do , and good pay does not make up for it (been there, done that, not a good plan) best of luck !