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Hi Justin,

I was diagnosed 2 years ago at 46. So relieved! But after the buzz and thrill of seeming to have a normal brain with my meds…soon came the crashing disappointment of not suddenly being “fixed”..super-human or even vaguely like I wanted to/imagined I could be.

Thing is, I have a lifetime’s worth of bad habits, similarly slacker/joker/lazy friends etc. The meds help my brain slow down and focus…but to get things done I have needed structures and repetition, apps. Counselling helped up to a point…but I am known to be a persuasive gabber and became sick of listening to myself sound convincing and motivated…then going home and getting distracted with the 5000 things which distract and entertain me always anyway.

For me, I have had to set my life up where I give myself way fewer excuses, block out a lot of distractions, have a strict timetable with accountability until the “have-to”things become in some way enjoyable. Usually that is when I meet cool people (cause I’m great with people) so then I want to go to see them…task itself becomes a sideline. Anything enjoyable, fun, interesting I can and will do no problem…so I try to con myself in believing everything I need to do has some fun and interesting side to it:-)

Good luck – it will be with you for life, try not to get too exasperated with it:-) Max