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Hi Steve,

Kudos to you for recognizing early that radiology might not be the best career for you and seeking insight. That is a huge accomplishment!

I am a career changer too and an adult diagnosed with ADHD, inattentive type, in my 50s after my two kids were diagnosed. My 50’s! The diagnosis came after I was burnt out from 20+ years as design executive expected to produce new collections on time, run a staff and keep my department organized which I did but what stress!

I am soon graduating with my MSW and hope to do family therapy with children and families with developmental disorders (such as ADHD, ASD). Three years of graduate study and the investment but I hope to have another 20+ of rewarding work to go.

Dr.Mukund Sargur, MD, who commented above gives some very sound advice – the field needs more people who have empathy for what you are going through combined with the insight to help them understand their challenges. You might look into coaching programs which do not have a huge price tag or long course of study and specialize in working with folks who have ADHD.

Best of luck!