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Dear Discouraged,

I too have experienced much of loneliness most of my life. Beginning in elementary school all the way through high school, mostly due to my ADHD condition and because I was an introvert, preferring not to mingle with the “in crowd”. I was only officially diagnosed with ADHD three years ago. I am now age 71, retired, divorced and living alone in the beautiful city of Prescott, AZ.

After I moved to my retirement spot, I decided to become much more outgoing. I keep very busy by volunteering with three community non-profit organizations: The Red Cross, The Senior Peer Group of Prescott & The Suicide Prevention Foundation. In addition, I am very active in my church and hold several callings there, including Family History service missionary. I also enjoy golfing, swimming and hiking. I travel whenever I can. Oh yes, and I also work part time for Aires Caregiving as a Professional Disability Services Assistant in a group home near my apartment.

So you see, I don’t have a chance to feel lonely. Surrounding myself with other people and serving constantly is my way of being happy and fulfilled as an individual.

Best of luck and may God bless!
Gary H Horton