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Hi Justin, This is Ned Hallowell here. I am a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD. I’d add to what Blake suggested by reminding you there’s more to treatment than medication. Education is where to start. Read a book (I can’t help but recommend one of mine, like Delivered from Distraction) so you will have a full toolbox, not just medication. Then, based on what you learn in the book, pick out what applies to you. Maybe you need a coach, someone to help you get organized. Or maybe you should start an exercise program, or a meditation regimen, or both. Those will help for sure. Subscribe to ADDitude because there are always helpful articles. Maybe join a support group. Get plenty of what I call the other vitamin C, vitamin Connect, positive human contact from other people, or even a dog! One of the big enemies in ADHD is negative thinking, so make sure you have people to hand out with who are positive. All this is by way of saying that medications can be hugely helpful, but you also want to make sure you have a comprehensive, multimodal plan. Good luck!