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First I’m glad you’re working with your doctor and telling him/her when things aren’t working. That can be a huge task for people like us, I know my ADD causes me to experience heightened emotion, so telling someone “bad” news (even when the topic, like medicine not working, isn’t even really “bad”) sometimes overwhelms me and causes me to shut down, kudos to you for overcoming that.

My advice would be to not expect a lightbulb to go off, medication is not a cure-all for our problems, its a tool that helps us live more “normally,” just like organization tips and things like that. The main benefit you want out of a stimulant is increased focus and concentration. When you start a medication, take it consistently for an extended period of time, without a break, maybe a week to two weeks. If you feel more productive and focused, the medication is probably working! From there you should assess how your body is feeling, you know your body better than anyone else, are the negatives of your ADHD increasing in intensity after starting the medication? Like increased anxiety or emotional outbursts? If so that’s something you can talk to your doctor about.

Really its just assessing how your body and brain act as an person with ADHD and assessing the benefits and drawbacks you notice after starting a medication. Tell your doctor everything you notice after taking a medication, they can help you decide if that lightbulb went off or not.