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Hi Thanks for you reply!
I started on Elvanse 30 which was great for me emotionally it calmed my anxiety and I’d never been so relaxed in my life, I would then crash around 2 o’clock and would be so tired I’d go to bed. My doctor solved this with a dose of Ritalin. When I saw the ADHD nurse she took me off the Ritalin and upped the Elvanse which took a while to get used to. The standard generic form I have to fill in showed there was still a lack of focus and concentration so I was upped to 60 which I really couldn’t handle even though I keep trying occasionally. I’m thinking when I see her again I’ll be trying a new medication altogether. I suppose what I’m asking is when I get the right medication will I know? Is it a light bulb moment or does it happen gradually. Thanks for anyone taking the time to respond