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I am recently retired after a successful career as a lawyer and business man. I was diagnosed with ADD over 20 years ago, a few years after my then young son received the same diagnoses. I was prescribed and have taken Dexedrine daily for those two decades with very positive results that I felt immediately. About ten years ago I was given Wellbutrin (bupropion) to help deal with my persistent mild depression. In combination with the stimulant medication, it helped to make my life well worth living. To date, I know of no ill effects of these medications and I can tell you that they helped me to succeed in a difficult and demanding profession. In fact, I would not have been able to do many of the things that I am good at without the blessing of an ADD mind that was tempered by the right meds. At times of chaos during complex round the clock negotiations, my ability to focus like a laser on lengthy contracts and other documents gave me a real advantage time and time again. I say all of this not out of pride or self praise, but only to encourage and support those who face the same issues of an ADD mind plus the depression that can accompany it from not quite fitting the mold of the plodding and boring rest of society that surrounds us. The right combination of meds plus the love and support of the right kind of people at work and at home can free you to use your gifts and succeed where you want to succeed.