Reply To: Side Effects


At 68 years old I was finally, FINALLY prescribed methyphenidate after years of dealing with ignorant docs and therapists.
Have used Ritalin and it works perfectly for me. However, Medicare has it’s own agenda and will only pay for generic. Used Mallinckrodt methylphenidate 20mg ER for a couple months with so-so results (as compared to Ritalin). Distribution was uneven and unpredictable from one tab to the next. Last refill I was given KVK-Tech brand. That is why I am posting. Since starting this horrible brand I have felt extremely depressed, irritable, and unmotivated AND have bad headaches! It has been horrible and scary – and very hard on my spouse! Thanks to all who have posted about the bad generics. The KVK-Tech brand doesn’t seem to have gotten the attention that some others (Mallinkrodt for example) have and folks should know how bad it is. So, yes Kel Bell, I have heard of it, used it, and been trashed by it!