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Thanks for the feedback, but I think the reason why there is ‘science’ behind adhd drugs is because there are fundings (by the company who manufacture them or whoever) to support clinical studies testing the drug’s efficacy (to relieve symptoms at least) but clinical studies involving other alternative treatments probably don’t receive as much funding, if there is any.

That’s why I think there are only mostly testimonials or anecdotes supporting the effectiveness of alternative treatment. Doesn’t mean they’re ineffective. It just means there aren’t enough clinical studies evaluating alternative treatments (and studies aren’t error-free either).

I’m not really anti-meds . Just that I think adhd can be resolved without adhd meds , in most cases. The only reason I stalled in our treatment of my son is he’s not cooperating with me at this time, just when I thought we’re on the verge of significant progress. So I have to be patient.

And am not against those who want to take meds for their adhd. But for me, I want a better way to solve adhd, focusing instead on trying to solve the root cause of the problem and using a number of approach, including spiritual one.