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I have a very similar situation with my 22 yr old son, except that he didn’t even try college. Graduated high school (homeschooled) 3 yrs ago, and has had a series of dead-end retail jobs since then. Current job is only 8 – 10 hrs. a week, and he spends the rest of the time at home on the computer playing video games, watching YouTube videos, etc. Is medicated for both his ADHD and depression, and seeing a good counselor once a week. But he is still quite unmotivated. Not sure if he’s unable or unwilling to do more…..a blend of both, I suspect. His Dad and I have tried various things to help him become more independent, but have come to believe that he needs more structured help and professional guidance than we can offer here at home. So we are seriously considering a program for young men called Forte Strong. It is for young adult men who are experiencing “Failure to Launch”, which is a serious thing, and not to be confused with the silly Sarah Jessica Parker movie a few years ago. This is not an ad for the program, we don’t even know for sure if our son will be willing to go and/or be accepted. But I can sense the desperation in the above two posts (and relate to it completely) so just wanted to mention this as a possibility to look into. It’s so good to have other parents on this site who understand, and want to help and support each other. I will try to post an update in the future if my son does go to Forte Strong. Best of luck to you, and to all of us!