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Hi Shar, I am 46 and I have some of the same challenges you do. I can identify totally with your description of how you could be excited about an idea until you think about actually spending the effort. And with the lists you make but either lose, forget about, or choose to ignore. As far as decisions, I can stare at 2 jackets on a rack for an hour and can’t decide which one to buy. I don’t have any magic elixirs, but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I have tried different medications and strategies, but I am still looking for solutions. It sounds like you need to find a new therapist — one who deals with people with ADHD. I find that people having no experience with ADHD symptoms have a hard time even believing that these simple brain functions are out of our control. Maybe ask your primary care facility if they can recommend a counselor who specializes in treating ADHD, or do some research on people in your area.
Best of luck,