Reply To: New here and just diagnosed with ADHD


Hey Joshua, so wonderful to have you here!!
Within regards the books I can personally “only” recommend 2 (two):

“When someone you love has ADHD” and “Managing (or was it Handling??!) ADULT ADHD – the ” Singles’ Version” of the first one, I guess 😉 – both authored by internationally renouned Professor R. A. Barkley of the UC!

In my mind, his books are among those very few, indeed, VERY, very few works one may actually read through from cover to cover not bumping into fictitious Setups, non-existant “blessings” ferociously defended virtually DROWNING in artificial,superficial FEELINGS & EMOTIONS one could not RUN let Aline HIDE from … Just like it is in the entire remainder of this world!!!

Anyhow. Please, do feel absolutely at home here within US dear Josh! We’ll be praying for you!


Aaron “Steamroll” L.